Saturday, January 5, 2013

All things social media: next stop- Polyvore

Now this is a Friday look

Now this is a Friday look by modafromdusktildawn featuring lip makeup

So I finally created a Polyvore account! It's actually loads of fun. It's really easy to use and it's a great way for me to conceptualize some of the thousands of things that pop through my head in a given day or even moment. Here's my first "set". I was bored at home as it's been an expensive week with New Years Eve and rent being due so I figured let's give it a go! I seriously recommend it for any and all to try! 

So excited about this weekend, spending the day with my Irish man and then shooting with my friends Sunday and an amazing location! Stay tuned next week for my next post!   


  1. I must try Polyvore I open an account and forgot about it. I must revisit.Love the sweater.

  2. It's honestly loads of fun! I spent most of last night on it looking at other profiles and the list of items they have available is amazing!

    Danielle x x

  3. I never knew about polyvore before - I will definitely try it out!


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