Friday, May 10, 2013

"Team Natural"-- Do I really want to be on this team??

So I've been having some serious road blocks about my next post. Everyday I read these amazing posts by bloggers on an array of subjects from fashion to recipes to self discovery. I started my blog with the highest of hopes and ideas and how I wanted to change blogging in my own way. Unfortunately though, after almost 5 months I feel like I haven't even begun to crack that surface. So instead of making another Polyvore set (which I'm obsessed f.y.i) or introducing you guys to new brand I'm going to talk a bit about something that I struggle with on a day-to-day basis. The dilemma at hand is no other than my awe inspiring yet at times frightful hair. Some call it my 'fro others say it's tinkling angels but to me it's my unruly yet pretty fucking sweet as at times hair!

 I have been wearing my hair "natural" for almost two and a half years so far. First started out to recreate one of my biggest hair inspirations, Joan Clayton from Girlfriends (aka Tracee Ellis Ross) epic hair and the process has taken several twists and turns. Lately though, my quest for "Joan" hair has more so become quite the burden, then when you add in this new phenomena of "team natural" I've just started to really question what my end goal is. I never wanted to change people's opinion on the standard's of beauty or assert my African American heritage I stupidly just wanted said "Joan" hair. So this all has brought me to my great hair dilemma.. For me this term "team natural" has come out of nowhere to be honest! The black community has jumped on a trend and really has run with it but at the end of the day "natural" hair is incredibly difficult to deal with so I don't. It requires special shampoo's and cremes and oils. It's exhausting just trying to do some research on it. get the the hype. Don't get me wrong, I completely respect the idea of "team natural" but I personally am done with natural hair. The problem is now though, anytime I voice this opinion I get judged about wanting to go "straight" again. Either it's people who believe I'm giving in to the majority's opinion of beauty or how it's a crime for me to get rid of my 'fro because it's makes me, me apparently. Where in reality I just want a change, not to have such big hair and to simplify my hair regimen! At the end of the day I'm really lazy when it comes to my hair and "team natural" is the exact opposite of that. Plus, I don't like being defined by something so trivial such a hair and according to a lot of people when I straighten my hair exposes my face and should that not be what people remember me for Danielle the person vs."the girl with the afro"???

So now I'm at the crossroads.. do I stay with Team Natural or do choose Team Danielle, who has always followed the beat to my own drum and loves being ahead of a trend versus smack damn in the middle of it.

What would you choose?? For me after a lot of thought I'm choosing Team Danielle!! I'm not sure yet what or when the change is coming but I can't wait for the next chapter in my hair's life! 

All my best,

Danielle xx

I've included a few pictures of my hair evolution so tell me what look you think has been best! 

taken last night

taken last night

featured in TimeOut NY while at Rock the Bells Aug. 2011

Feb 2011



freshmen year at UNCG 2005


  1. Both straight and natural looks cute on you. I agree that you need lots of patience for. I've had 2 sets of locs, a few afros, and even really short haircuts. I prefer natural because chemicals are too harsh on my hair. But you should do what makes you happy. Team Danielle like you stated. :-) Have a great weekend!

    Who is that girl Mo?

  2. Thanks for the comment Mo! I still definitely am not sure which way I'm going to choose but the post was a fun way to release!

    Hope you had a great weekend xx

  3. I totally feel you on this one, I have had both natural and treated hair, braids, weaves all of it and I really think as black women we should leave each other to make the hair choices we feel are best for us... no team natural or team unbeweavable or team whatever!!! Freedom of choice it really is that simple.

  4. Very nice blog. i'd love if you could check mine

    Thanks, Rizky

  5. Lovely photos<3


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