Thursday, May 15, 2014

Springing into a new era!


This whole blogging thing is so difficult to keep up I swear! I always have a million ideas for posts but work deadlines, time with friends, and trying to really make 2014 the restart I've sought after for years now blogging sadly has been pushed under the rug. I could sit here and make the promise to do better and post more but I won't so this time I've decided to just say I'm making the effort and seeing what's happening.

Some might ask why the title of "Springing into a new era," well that's a simple one! 2014 some how is becoming the best year I've probably ever had. I feel like I'm truly in this great space of continuous love, happiness, pushing myself to be bigger and greater and just truly finding myself! I always thought I was going to have to do some major "Eat Pray Love" type of thing to do this but I've actually been able to do it all based right here in one of the greatest cities in the world, New York City. One of the biggest dreams I've put off is trying to become a jeweler.

I realized a lot time ago that my love for jewelry and accessories wasn't like most and that I longed for the perfect piece. One day it donned on me that why not try my hand at jewelry making. I've mulled over the exact course, timing and everything in between for years now but with the amazing support of my friends and a special someone they inspired be to take that leap this year. Last month, I took a one-day intensive workshop at LILOVEVE which is located of the Lormier stop on the L train in Willamsburg. They were so warm, patient, incredibly knowledgeable on the craft and the store housed some sweet as jewelry! I instantly felt at home there, as I walked to the back of the store now to the basement, that's hidden away. It was by far the best 5 hours creatively I've had in YEARS!!

Here are some pictures from my class:

Here is my work bench

So difficult to bend metal into a shape :(

My new rings!

I tried out a few techniques but I think for my first try at it, they aren't too bad!

What do you all think??

Do any of you have any recommendations or words of wisdom on jewelry making courses preferably with metal not stones or wire and anyone that has a jewelry line themselves?

I have some big updates on the way as well!! Can't wait to let you all in on my plans!

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely start to Spring!!


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