Monday, December 9, 2013

Getaway Destination: MIAMI!! Ultimate Girls Weekend

Getaway Destination: Miami! Ultimate Girls Weekend

Getaway Destination: Miami! Ultimate Girls Weekend 

Didn't think this day would come did you?! I-M--B--A--C--K!!

After much debate and delay for that fact, I've decided to restart my blog for real this time. The past few months have truly been like a roller coaster. We all have those times where it seems like everything that can go wrong will. To say 2013 was a rough year is definitely an understatement but as it closes I finally feel like I'm getting back to my old self. I've been so lucky to have the people and support in my life that I have. I'm more motivated and inspired than I've been in years! To top it all off I'm an auntie now to the most beautiful little one ever, Cataleya Elise Maxwell! Pictures are soon to follow I promise!

So the inspiration behind this polyvore set, is that I had the bright idea to plan a Girl's Weekend for Valentine's Day next year (as V-day falls on a Friday) and Miami was the first on the list of destination options. Above I have picked out my essentials our pending trip. Items like badass tank tops, cute shoes, and in a dream world a surf board. Though I should probably master swimming first! haha

Well stay tuned and see all I've got in store for my return to this crazy world of blogging. I noticed times are changing and I'm ready to see the new ideas I have for you guys!

Lots of love and happiness,

Danielle x x 

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