Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ooo La La, My New Obsession: LINGERGIE

Ooo La La

Agent Provocateur lace panty  / Agent Provocateur long black robe  / Agent Provocateur intimate / Agent Provocateur bra / Agent Provocateur panty  / VPL navy blue bra / Agent Provocateur panty / River Island jewelry/ Bordelle Patent Leather Nipplets With Swarovski Crystal

Hi there lovelies!

So I'm still putting the final touches of the new direction of the blog so I decided to make another Polyvore set. Side note: I really love these things!! Such a fun way to put together clothing ideas.

As you can see, LINGERIE is my new obsession! Not sure how it manifested but I really am into at the moment. I've always been into lingerie though and my obsession started as I came into my sexuality and Victoria Secret was my go to. I use to spend all my extra money on the 5 for $25 deals. First I started with the cotton briefs and moved on to thongs and "tanga's" and then upgraded to the silk pieces, bras, and teddy's. As I've gotten older, my taste has evolved and no brands such as Kiki de Montparnasse, Agent Provocateur, and Maison Close. I'm not sure if you've noticed but the French sure do know how to make great lingerie!  Maison Close is my new find, they are a very affordable line and have little badass elements to the collections. Their body harnesses are EPIC and can be worn in the bedroom or out of it! Anyone close to me will tell you how comfortable I am with myself and that I pretty much OWN my sexuality. I feel sometimes society misconstrues this to mean something negative but I see it as empowering. So here are a few of my favorite pieces at the moment that expresses that!

Body chains and "nipplets" are life changing! They are so fun and have so many uses. Apparently, I like the bondage-eqse pieces as well as the delicate lace one's, definitely a play on my personality.

So what type of lingerie are you into? I'd love to hear everyone's opinions..


Danielle x x

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