Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Outta Know: My favorite underground brands at the moment!

The Eternal Collection

I first heard about this brand about a year and a half ago. I was assisting an old intern bosses friend Lindsay who owns this sweet showroom in L.A., called Atlas.  I helped out with being a freelance Sales person for one of her other lines during Market week but I had a chance to view this line and fell head over heels! Just as there statement says ".. using signature juxtaposition of leather and silk and unique draping details, The Eternal Collection defines a new timelessness that is both progressive and feminine" it's pretty awesome! I especially love their leathers they are amazing pieces and is definitely on my list to purchase this year for a new leather jacket especially!

For Love and Lemons

This line has definitely taken off in the last few years. I really love their mix of rock n roll and bohemnian elements. It definitely is worth a look at least, I promise you won't be disappointed! I mean look at the cover image from their current lookbook, amazing right?!
Faith Connexion

Where should I even start with this brand... I actually just found out about it this week but I'm already hooked. This brand is truly Parisian chic and is the epitome of Left Bank cool! It is actually even designed by the same team behind the illustrious Balmain! Definitely put them on your list of brands to watch, something tells me they will be a household name in no time!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

Danielle x x 

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